Reception & KS1

Infants Class 450

Our school provides all children with a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriate to their age and ability. The curriculum is designed to develop children's knowledge and understanding, physical and motor skills and to promote their personal, spiritual, cultural and moral development.

You will find below the National Curriculum (2014) statutory requirements, for each National Curriculum Year Group, mapped by core and non-core subject. The documents show the statutory areas that the children must be taught by year group for the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and non-core. All non-core subjects are broken down by Key Stage and we are in the process of building our 'Creative Curriculum Topic Plans' linked to our Learning Challenge Questions, which you can also find the overview grids for below.

If you intend to use the documents for planning purposes, please ensure that you read these in conjunction with the English and Maths National Curriculum appendices. All documents are from the National Curriculum (2014) as produced by the DfE and are Crown Copyright.

In Foundation Stage the children work towards the Early Learning Goals through the Prime and Specific areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework 2012. 


The teaching of mathematics at Wigley Primary School is underpinned by the National Curriculum 2014. Planning is based around the end of year expectations for each year group using Abacus as a main scheme, alongside a wide range of other resources to ensure children achieve their full potential. Children exceeding their year group expectations will broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills through an extended curriculum appropriate to their age and ability. The Children's mathematical experiences are a balance of practical, oral, written and mental mathematics through class teaching, group and individual activities. Numeracy is taught across the curriculum, wherever relevant, to enhance understanding.  We use Inspire Maths as our maths package.


The teaching of literacy at Wigley Primary School is underpinned by the National Curriculum 2014. Literacy is planned based around the current topic studied and planning is based around the objectives identified in the year group expectations. Teachers use a wide range of resources using schemes such as Wordsmith and Scholastic which include a range of poems, stories, pictures, film and drama to ensure children achieve their full potential.

Guided and individual reading is structured to allow accurate assessment and targeted skill development. Daily phonics and spelling sessions are planned in line with the New Curriculum.

Children are taught to read using a variety of published schemes, the main one of which is Oxford Reading Tree. Guided reading books are built around a core set taken from the Big Cat scheme. Teaching reading uses many skills, the main one of which is systematic synthetic phonics.


2017-18 Long Term Overview EYFS / Y1 / Y2

Reception and Key Stage 1
Autumn 1
Amazing Me
Autumn 2
Toy Story
Spring 1
Spring 2
All Change
Summer 1
How shall we get there
Summer 2
Animal magic